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Welcome to Firefly, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Passive Fire Protection. We manufacture Fire Protection Hoods, Downlight Hoods, Acoustic Hoods and Luminaire Hoods

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Downlight Hoods, Fire Rated Hatches, Fire Tents, Fire Rated Access Door, 60/60 Fire Specification and 60/60 Doors make up part of our market leading Passive Fire Protection range.

FIREFLY is the UK’s leading manufacturer of patented Fire Protection Hoods and Downlight Hoods, designed to prevent fire and smoke passing through the hole created by any fixture. FIREFLY Fire Hoods are the ideal Passive Fire Protection choice when installed to fire rated suspended or modular (plasterboard) ceilings, ensuring all projects are  completed  to the highest effective level.

Fire Hoods, Downlight Hoods & Luminaire Hoods

In the event of a fire, FIREFLY Fire Protection Hoods and Fire Protection Downlight Hoods stop the fire and smoke from travelling through the ceiling and into the void above, preventing the spread of fire for up to ONE HOUR. Installed correctly, FIREFLY Fire Protection Hoods and Fire Protection Downlight Hoods hold back fire, allowing occupants time to escape the building unharmed and the emergency services to enter the property safely.

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Our Fire Hoods; Downlight Hoods and Luminaire Hoods provide fire-rated protection for recessed luminaires and downlights in fire-rated ceilings…

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Acoustic protection hoods acoustihood

AcoustiHood – the innovative FIREFLY acoustic & fire protection hood is specially developed and produced to house quality…

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FIREFLY Access Hatches and Doors have been produced solely for use in conjunction with the FIREFLY Fire Barriers. Manufactured to the highest…

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FIREFLY offer a range of Accessories to enable easy installation of the FIREFLY Fire Barriers, Fire Hoods, Luminaire Hoods and AcoustiHoods…

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