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Downlight Hoods, also known as Downlight Fire Hoods or Downligh Fire Protection are an essential part of your Passive Fire Protection strategy. Our market leading range of Downlight Hoods and Downlight Canopies are available in all sizes and made to order.

Downlight Hoods & Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection – namely Fire Hoods, Canopies & Down Light Hoods – is at the core of our business, so expert technical guidance is always on hand. We listen to our customers and offer advice on everything from fire protection products and downlight hoods installation, to high temperature adhesive tolerance and fire rated hatch specifications.

Whatever your query, we are always on hand to offer assistance. Our team is made up of Passive Fire Protection boffins and real-world engineers, namely four Technical Consultants based in the North, South, East and West of the UK, all of whom possess a truly astonishing level of knowledge about Down Light Hoods, Fire Hoods and Luminaire Hoods. They are also good at quizzes and they’re here to help YOU!

Downlight Covers, Canopies & Fire Hoods

FIREFLY staff have many years of experience in the Passive Fire Protection and Fire Canopies market, particularly Downlight Hoods, Downlight Canopies and Downlight Covers. If your query is outside of our own knowledge, there are many specialists in the field that we can call upon

We want your down light hoods business. That said, we will not promote any of our products for applications that are outside of the scope of the product, if this happens to be the case, wherever possible, we will offer details of other manufacturers who may be able to assist you.

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If you can't find what you're looking for, or you need some technical advice, give us a call.

Likewise, we're happy to discuss large order rates and unusual delivery arrangements.

FIRE HOODS, DOWNLIGHT HOODS or LUMINAIRE HOODS, you've come to the right place.

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