Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection is what we specialise in here at Firefly. Our market leading range of Air Conditioning & Down Light Tents, Hoods and Canopies are available in all sizes and made to order from our Passive Fire Protection team.

Passive Fire Protection comes in all shapes and sizes…

Every fire protection project is unique. That’s because, every construction and refurbishment project is different. At FIREFLY we recognise this and we go the extra mile to ensure that your project, no matter how complicated, goes without a hitch.

Specialist passive fire protection installations often involve bespoke fire canopy sizes (large fire hoods and downlight hoods) along with special delivery requirements.

If you would like to discuss specific sizes or high volume requirements and costs, contact the FIREFLY team on 01706 758817 or email today.


Passive Fire Protection | AcoustiHood | FIREFLY HOODS (TBA) 90w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />
Passive Fire Protection | Fire Protection Hatches
Passive Fire Protection | B16 Staple Gun
B16 Staple Gun
Passive Fire Protection | AcoustiHood
B16 Staple Gun

If you can't find what you're looking for, or you need some technical advice, give us a call.

Likewise, we're happy to discuss large order rates and unusual delivery arrangements.

FIRE HOODS, DOWNLIGHT HOODS or LUMINAIRE HOODS, you've come to the right place.

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