Fire Hoods

FIREFLY are the UK’s leading manufacturer of patented Fire-rated Hoods. Fully tested to BS.476 Part 23, the fire hood when installed over a light fitting in a suspended or modular (plasterboard) ceiling, will stop the passage of fire and smoke for ONE hour. This allows enough time for the occupants of a building to escape and the Fire Service to enter the building and extinguish the fire.

FIREFLY Fire Hoods are suitable for covering anything that penetrates a fire rated ceiling, to maintain the integrity of that ceiling, for example, recessed luminaires, downlighters, speakers, sprinkler systems and air conditioning units.

As the Fire Hoods are manufactured on site, bespoke sizes can easily be accommodated.

FIREFLY hoods can be installed from above or below

FIREFLY Hoods are versatile and can be used to protect any product that penetrates suspended or modular ceilings


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