Please note all products manufactured by/or on behalf of TBA Textiles Ltd./FIREFLY are manufactured strictly within the controlling influences of ISO.9001.

If defects arise in the goods due to faulty materials and/or faulty workmanship, TBA Textiles Ltd.,/FIREFLY will either give credit for, or replace the goods, once the faulty items have been returned and have been checked to ensure they are faulty.

Credit will be given for the full price of the item/s along with the cost of the return (as pre-agreed with TBA Textiles/FIREFLY), or the goods will be replaced free of charge.

Prior to returning any goods, please contact the FIREFLY Office on Tel: 01706 758817.

Returns will NOT be accepted for goods that are not defective in any way, or for quantities that have been ordered and that are found to be surplus to requirements.

If there are any queries on this Returns Policy please discuss with the FIREFLY Office prior to ordering.

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Likewise, we're happy to discuss large order rates and unusual delivery arrangements.

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